Over the years, DPMedSolutions has been proud to offer various products and services through the assistance of our sales force,  to physicians across the US.  With the changes in the medical industry as of late, DPMedSolutions looks for products that not only bring healthier outcomes to patients, but also bring new or more revenue to practices, clinics and hospitals as well as higher ratings for Medicare.

Programs such as Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits and Advance Care Plans enhance healthier outcomes to patients and identifies any Gaps In Care that would normally slip through the cracks. These programs and others increase the revenue stream to clinics and hospitals.

Due to high demand in the industry, we are looking to expand our sales force and hope that our opportunity is something you’d be interested in hearing more about. Please read the information below on our fast growing programs and give me a call. We’ll be happy to tell you more about us and our opportunities. 

Job Title: Independent Medical Sales Representative
Location: Anywhere is US

Who are we: DPMedSolutions, Inc.is comprised of a group of professional Medical Sales Reps promoting various 3rd party vendors’ products and services to physicians in the US. We provide marketing materials and business cards at no cost to the Rep; conduct training, hold conference calls and more to assist you in the selling of these products and services.  

Duties:  Our Representatives call upon Physicians (Primary Care as well as Specialists) educating them and their staff on Medicare’s approved Chronic Care Management Program, Annual Wellness Visits and Advanced Care Planning. Representatives  conduct formal presentations independently or with  Vendor’s assistance, obtain written consent from the Physicians/Practices for services, assist in implementation and roll out of programs and maintain excellent customer service acting as liaison between Physicians/Practices and the Vendor providing the services throughout the duration of the contract.  

 Skills/Experience Required:  Prior pharmaceutical or medical device sales experience; ability to utilize existing physician relationships while increasing territory; solid computer and communication skills; excellent closing experience; must be able to travel to physicians’ offices.
Commissions: We offer the highest paid commissions per Rep in this fast growing  CCM Industry. CCM Commissions are paid per patient enrolled and billed month, after month, after month. Additional commissions shall be paid for items such as AWV, Advanced Care Planning PGX testing and more.

For more information please contact DPMedSolutions 941-889-8991; bob@dpmedsolutions.com